Sharleen Karamanian -- About Me

Looking Forward!


I want to thank all my supporters. I truly valued meeting you and discussing the many issues our community is facing. I also thoroughly enjoyed the campaign experience and gained a lot of perspective on the diversity of community needs. I  appreciated reading and responding to all your emails and phone calls. Moving forward I will continue to enjoy our great community and support our new Council members as they work to address our City needs. You will continue to see me around and be sure I look forward to attending our town hall Finance Committee meetings. Thank you again!


My background qualifies my candidacy: I am a Certified Professional Accountant with a Bachelor degree in Finance and Geography and hold a Masters in Business Administration. I have worked in local government for over 14 years and the private sector for 12 years in a variety of financial management capacities and I am committed to giving back to the community by serving the residents as a dedicated and result-oriented leader.  I have a passion for volunteering in community activities and I am a strong advocate for sport and recreation.

Nature's City!


 I am an advocate for Parks, Sport and Recreation. Planning for parks and recreation and green space facilities can promote active lifestyles and build healthy communities. Parks and recreational facilities improve and enhance a community’s image and desirability and can contribute to the local economy. It is necessary to preserve and enhance these community assets so residents can continue to enjoy their features. Accessibility and ease of use are important factors when considering Port Moody’s diverse population needs.